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WHAT IS HOMES FOR HEROES®? Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists; committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home.  Homes for Heroes actively partners with more than 3,000 like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals who have joined in the mission and donated over $712,000 to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation. Every time a hero buys or sells a home using the Homes for Heroes program - not only do they save money but they help other heroes in need. A portion of Homes for Heroes' earnings is donated to the Homes for Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides assistance to heroes in need.” Rooted Realty Group is proud to be one of the affiliate Realtor® groups who have sold over $4 billion in real estate to heroes nationwide, helping over 34,000 heroes save over $56 million on their real estate transactions.
WHO ARE HEROES? Anyone who has protected our freedoms and way of life, provided an education for our children, puts their life on the line to protect America’s citizens, runs into your home when it is on fire, or has designated their life to help the sick and injured are heroes. To put it bluntly, MILITARY, TEACHERS, POLICE OFFICERS, FIREFIGHTERS, and EMS/HEALTH CARE WORKERS are heroes. Being rooted in our faith, we also consider CLERGY to be an important part of teaching and helping to maintain the values of the people of our great nation, Rooted Realty Group runs them through the program as teachers.
HOW DO YOU BENEFIT AS A HERO? A large portion of our commission from a hero transaction goes to the program. Some of this stays with the foundation to help heroes nationwide but the rest comes directly back to you in the form of a rebate. In some instances this can be applied toward your closing costs (depending on your personal situation and your lender), but usually it is in the form of a check mailed directly to you from Homes for Heroes about two weeks after closing. In the central Indiana market ($200-225,000 home sales price) your average reward from us is around $1,500. We also partner with lenders and title companies who are like minded in honoring you and give discounts for their services. The discounts from these partners is typically around $500 combined… making your total reward around $2,000. Because Rooted’s contribution to your reward is based on the sales price of your home. A less expensive home will yield a smaller reward while a more expensive home will yield a larger reward. (a $400-450,000 home would double our contribution amount from above while a $100,000 home would be about half)
HOW DO OTHER HEROES BENEFIT? Because Homes for Heroes believes in thinking nationally and acting locally, the Foundation awards Hero Grants to nonprofit charities serving our heroes in need throughout the country.
IS THIS PROGRAM AND REBATE AVAILABLE FROM ALL REALTORS? Short answer… yes. Long answer… no. Homes for Heroes is an organization that charges their affiliates an annual fee to participate in the program in addition to the contribution paid per transaction by the participating Realtor® that provides you the award. o Homes for Heroes IS NOT a source for referrals… meaning that the money paid is not guaranteed to generate any potential business as compared to paying to participate as a Realtor® in some of the popular internet real estate sites. In other words… all of the money paid through this program is our way to thank you for your service, sacrifice, or dedication instead of marketing ourselves to get more business. o Most people/organizations are not willing to spend money that does not have the potential to generate more money than what was spent. Therefore, many choose to not participate.
THIS ALL SOUNDS GOOD, BUT HOW MUCH DOES ROOTED ACTUALLY GIVE BACK? In 2019, realtors® associated with Rooted Realty Group awarded a total of $16,078.54 (in the form of a rebate checks) to our hero home buyers and gave reduced selling fees totaling $13,877.50 to heroes who listed their homes for sell with us. This means that the total benefit for Rooted’s heroes in 2019 was $29,956.04. In addition, each home buyer received a free appraisal ($350-450) from our lender partners and buyers and sellers received reduced closing fees (~$100 per transaction) from our title company partners. Contact us to see how we can serve you on your next transaction. Our vision is to more than double that in 2020. What we need from you is to get the word out. Most qualifying heroes don’t even know that this program exists. Help us help the heroes in your life today. Have your hero friends and relatives contact us before their next real estate transaction.
ARE THERE SIMILAR PROGRAMS AVAILABLE? There are other real estate companies that have programs to honor heroes, but we have not found one that honors you as it helps other heroes nationwide to the extent that we are able to do through the Homes for Heroes program. Call around and ask what programs are available. When you find a better one, be sure to let us know about it so we can sign up for that one too.